Facts and myths about botox

Facts and myths about botox

Facts and myths about botox. Do you dream of improving your appearance, but find it difficult to decide on something specific? Or maybe you already know what you want to change in your appearance, but you don’t know how yet? Are you worried about the poor condition of your skin, gray color, wrinkles, imperfections that were not there before? Do you want to look younger? In order to fulfill your dreams of a young and healthy appearance, you should take advantage of aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic medicine treatments applied to the face are a whole set of smoothing, firming and improving the quality of the skin.

Among them there are those that rejuvenate and beautify the face particularly well. These treatments include botox and mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid, Cosmelan and lifting threads. Aesthetic medicine treatments for the face improve, model the contour of the face and reduce discoloration. They usually do not require any prior skin preparation or the use of anesthesia. It happens that after the treatment the skin may become swollen, blue or red.

The effects of the aesthetic medicine treatments are not permanent, the effects of the substances used disappear and the lifting threads are absorbed. Usually treatments should be performed in series, which unfortunately increases their cost. Nevertheless, more and more people are opting for this type of aesthetic medicine treatments to feel better and, above all, younger.

What is botox and how is it used?

Botox is nothing more than a botulinum toxin, which blocks the neuromuscular connections, causing them to relax. This prevents contraction of the muscles, which smoothes wrinkles mimic. The prices range from five hundred to one thousand zlotys depending on the place on the face that is injected. Botox is used to reduce the wrinkles of the upper face, for example the transverse forehead, crow’s feet, lion’s wrinkles.

Other, in my opinion, popular applications of botulinum toxin are, among others, slimming the face, lifting the corners of the mouth, removing the gummy smile, streaks on the neck, enlarging the eyes, treating bruxism, i.e. teeth grinding, as well as migraines and hyperhidrosis. The effect is achieved by injecting a small amount of botulinum toxin into a selected place on the face. The procedure is performed without anesthesia and its effect lasts for four months. You may see a mosquito-bite mark and a small bruise at the injection site. It all disappears very quickly. Cosmetic treatments using botox are medical treatments, therefore, after performing them, the patient should follow certain rules and doctor’s recommendations.

How to behave after botox treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, the skin is slightly pink, but this is not a contraindication for makeup. Within four hours after the procedure, it is not recommended to exercise intensively, for example visiting the gym or practicing fitness, massage of the areas undergoing botox injection, performing other treatments around the treated area, heating the areas after the procedure, for example in a solarium. You should not bend down for a long time or go to sleep immediately after the procedure. In addition, it is forbidden to apply pressure to the treated area, drink alcohol or take substances that accelerate blood circulation.

Administration of botulinum toxin carries the risk of side effects, as is the case with any drug use, but its effects are transient and disappear quickly.The more serious of these are drooping upper eyelid and dry eyeball, the formation of puffiness and bags under the eyes. Patients with excess skin on the upper eyelids may experience discomfort related to the blockage of eyebrow lifting, eye strain and a narrowing of the field of vision. In such a situation, it is worth considering the eyelid surgery.

How long does botox work?

The duration of action of the preparation depends mainly on the individual characteristics, behavior after the procedure and the lifestyle. The faster the metabolism, the shorter the effect of Botox. Also with the passage of years, and thus with age and the frequency of administration of botulinum toxin, its duration of action may be shortened. This is due to the production of antibodies in the patient’s body, which result in faster elimination of botulin from the body. To counteract this, specialists recommend administering the minimum amount of the preparation necessary to obtain the effect, performing the treatment as rarely as possible and never injecting it between treatments.

When talking about aesthetic medicine treatments, it is also worth mentioning the hit of recent seasons, namely the treatment with the use of platelet-rich plasma, i.e. substances that which is extracted from the patient’s own blood. Then, with the help of a needle, with many delicate but different depths of punctures, it is introduced under the skin. This action stimulates tissue regeneration, supports collagen production and develops blood vessels. Carrying out this type of treatment on the face makes the skin refreshed, radiant, rested, radiant and elastic, moreover, existing wrinkles and imperfections are reduced. This treatment can also be applied to the area of ​​the hands, neck and cleavage.